According to People’s deputy from Lytvyn bloc Mykola Rudchenko, it was necessary to form wide coalition in order to calm the society.

“I believe that President, being in the parliament, made a conclusion that coalition in 227 votes is not a coalition. So-called minority represents the major part of Ukraine. Wide coalition would take responsibility for the whole Ukraine,” he said.

According to him, it is necessary to hold round table and to agree on new VRU speaker (his name is well-known for the whole Ukraine - Volodymyr Lytvyn).

As a reminder, PR member Taras Chornovil stated that in case PR, CPU and Lytvyn block were in opposition, PR would give position of first vice speaker to CPU or Lytvyn bloc.

During formation of coalition between BYuT and OU-PSD, Lytvyn bloc was proposed more than once to join the coalition.


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