The democratic coalition has made maximum concessions to representatives of the minority and has given them 14 committees out of 28. One of the OU-PSD leaders Yuriy Lutsenko stated in an interview with journalists. ForUm’s correspondent reports.

According to him, the minority received those committees of the VRU, which it had chosen. “But now they have a problem among them as they can’t divide positions of the first deputies and secretaries of committees, which they have to submit.”

According to Lutsenko, as soon as representatives of the minority decide on this question, the resolution on committees’ distribution will be visaed and submit for consideration of the VRU.

Answering the journalists question when exactly the vote for the PM appointment will take place, Lutsenko emphasized: “Ask, please, representatives of the opposition, who can’t find common language among themselves concerning chairs distribution on the parliamentary committees. As soon as they finish this work, we will start the election of the Prime Minister,” he noted.

Lutsenko is sure that formation of the government is procrastinated by representatives of the minority.


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