At American military base «Bondsteel» in Kosovo ceremony of NATO medals awarding “For service to world” to military men of joint Ukrainian-Polish peacemaking battalion “UkrPolbat” of tactic group «East» took place.

According to department of Defense Ministry , military men of peacemaking contingents of “UkrPolbat” who are dislocating at «Bondsteel» base took place in the ceremony.

Polish Commander of joint battalion “UkrPolbat” Zenon Bzuszko noted: “Your service is one of the brightest example of Ukraine’s contribution into the peace in the world. NATO medals prove high level of your preparation. I am sure that you together with Polish and Lithuanian colleagues will further fulfill peacemaking tasks.” In turn Ukrainian commander of peacemaking battalion Olexander Nesterenko congratulated his military men on significant event in their life.

Both commanders presented awards – NATO medals to Ukrainian military men.


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