President Viktor Yushchenko granted interview to journalist Oleksandr Tkachenko for documentary film “Independence. Ukrainian version”, president's press office reported.

During the interview President spoke about his view of Ukrainian political situation development since proclamation of independence as well as about processes and events which were taking place in Ukraine during 1992-2006.

Speaking about Ukrainian political scene V. Yushchenko has stated that unfortunately many political alliances have often been based upon private interests, including political interests, or of collective nature and even on hostility towards something or someone. “However it is a sign of downfall when one fights against something instead of fighting for something,” President said.

Note: Documentary film “Independence. Ukrainian version” by Oleksandr Tkachenko shall be on TV screens in 2008. During the film viewers shall see interviews with famous Ukrainian politicians who were witnesses and participants of different events during 1992-2006.


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