President Viktor Yushchenko held a meeting today with members of State Committee for TV and Radio Broadcasting, President’s press office reports.

Mainly participants of the meeting focused on analyzing TV and radio segment of national information space.

President urged committee members to work out a strategy of national information space development for 2008. To Viktor Yushchenko’s mind equal access to information by all citizens of Ukraine, national program of digital broadcasting implementation, increasing the number of educational and cultural TV and radio programs are among the key points to be considered during strategy workout.

Speaking about Ukrainian television President mentioned that some TV channels bluntly ignore the requirements of national legislation. For example during nationally declared days of mourning for Zasyadko mine victims and Holodomor Commemoration Day certain TV channels have been broadcasting entertainment programs neglecting legislation as well as feelings of their fellow countrymen.

During the meeting current affairs and development perspectives for National Television Company of Ukraine were discussed.

President reassured members of State Committee for TV and Radio Broadcasting that all their incentives and suggestions on national information strategy shall be backed up by him.


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