Leader of the Party of Regions faction Viktor Yanukovych considers that yesterday’s vote for Yulia Tymoshenko’s appointment to the position of the Prime Minister of Ukraine showed nonviability of the coalition. It is said in the comments of Yanukovych.

“Yesterday’s events in the parliament showed the evident nonviability of the coalition-227. It gave society clear and understandable signal: hopes for stability in the country are vain,” as the document says.

According to Yanukovych, the Party of Regions must do all possible in order “not to allow to push off Ukraine in the whirlpool of permanent political crises.”

“The society must receive an answer whether the coalition-227 is able to bear responsibility for the country. Either they take upon themselves the responsibility and fulfill the promises, which they gave voters, or recognize their nonviability of the coalition-227.

According to him, the Party of Regions will always support all directions of the country’s development, which coincide with the party’s program. “But we are sure that all events, taking place in the parliament today, starting from the first day of the VRU of the sixth convocation work, bring instability to the society,” the Party of Regions leader thinks.


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