Party of Regions will insist on candidacy of CPU representative Adam Martynyuk for a position of first vice speaker of the VRU. PR People’s deputy Mykhaylo Chechetov said that today.

He noted that condition of coalition that they doe not want to see a communist on the position of first vice speaker in undemocratic.

Chechetov explained position of PR concerning nomination of CPU representative for a position of first vice speaker by democracy and significant political experience of Adam Martynyuk. “We consider it is reasonable to give this position to CPU,” he said.

Chechetov also noted that PR at first would insist on election of the leaders of the parliament and only then on election of PM and government.

As a reminder, OU-PSD categorically refused to vote for Adam Martynyuk for this position. BYuT also will not vote for him at one with OU-PSD.


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