President’s Secretariat considers that price for gas for citizens of Ukraine must be increased. “I am convinced that it is necessary to raise gas price,” deputy head of the President’s Secretariat Olexander Shlapak said today at the briefing in Kyiv.

He noted that the President had recommended Yanukovych’s government to raise prices for gas for citizens gradually and will recommend to do so the new government.

Shlapak noted that gas price for people should have been increased during 2007, however Yanukovych’s government “frozen this process”. At the same time, predecessor - Yekhanurov’s government took a decision to increase gas price for people once in a quarter.

According to Shlapak, further restriction of price can lead to final increase by several times at once.

He also added that it is necessary to think about schedule of price increase.

As a reminder, on December 4, 2007 Russia and Ukraine have reached an agreement on the gas price of USD 179.5 thousand cubic meters for 2008.


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