BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko is going to hold consultations with all representatives of the coalition and the Ukrainian President concerning the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers. Tymoshenko has stated today after the sitting of the BYuT faction.

“We have agreed that all weekends I will hold consultations with the People’s deputies of our factions concerning the formation of propositions on the ministerial positions,” she said.

The final propositions concerning new composition of the government will be discussed at the sitting of the BYuT faction on Monday.

Besides, Tymoshenko has informed that on Monday and Tuesday she as the candidature to the post of the government’s head is going to meet with all factions of the VRU.

“All factions expressed their desire to meet and I will meet with them on Monday and Tuesday,” Tymoshenko said.

Answering the correspondent’s question what will be the actions of the coalition if the Party of Regions blockades the VRU work again, Tymoshenko has assured that the BYuT will not be involved in any confrontations.

“If they have mood to blockade, let them blockade unlimitedly, but at the same time they should bear responsibility for all what is happening in the country,” she said.


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