President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko considers that price for gas, delivered from Russia, at USD 179.5 for thousand cubic meters is high and calls politicians not to politicize issue on gas supply. He said that today in scope of joint press conference with the Polish leader Lech Kaczyński in Kyiv.

Price of USD 179.5 is high and it is a shock for Ukrainian economy,” he said. According to Yushchenko, this issue must be solved within the professional framework and must not be involved in political speculations.”

Yushchenko noted that increase of gas price makes reconsider policy of energy consumption.

President advised politicians not to politicize issue on gas supply. He also reminded that 2.5 years ago he was much criticized for gas price of USD 95. He was accused of inadmissible price and those, who criticized the President, promised to return price of USD 60-70.

As a reminder, on December 4, 2007 Russia and Ukraine have reached an agreement on the gas price of USD 179.5 thousand cubic meters for 2008.


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