President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko calls upon local government to propose their changes into the draft budget for 2008. He has said today during his speech at the meeting with representatives of associations and organs of local government.

According to Yushchenko, the key moment in the current year will be the adoption of law on the state budget for 2008.

He has noted that the conception of the draft has been made, but it is not a final variant.

Yushchenko has criticized the draft budget because the main concentration of means is observed in the center. And this disproportion must be corrected.

“I don’t say that this is a mistake of particular person. This is an erroneous process. If we continue to finance the municipal roads from Kyiv, we will continue this injustice,” the President said.

Besides, the President has noted that in near days the VRU work will be dedicated to the changes introduction into the important draft bills.


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