On Tuesday OU-PSD faction fulfilled its promise. Leader of OU-PSD faction Vyacheslav Kyrylenko said that yesterday after election of Arseny Yatsenyuk for a position of VRU chairman.

According to Kyrylenko, "we leart from our previous mistakes and faults and will not repeat them again. On Tusday OU-PSD demonstrated devotion to its principles".

As soon as new government is formed, People’s deputies will deal with issues that concern interests of the people. Kyrylenko promised that they would not forget about benefits and immunity cancellation and would start economic reforms.

Kyrylenko noted that it was for the first time for three years of being in power of the President Viktor Yushchenko when democratic and propresidential majority was formed that can provide consent work of the President, government and the parliament for interests of the people.

Kyrylenko noted that Peoples deputies face serious significant work, in particular on new tax code and new version of budget code, improvement of local authorities and the whole range of reformist laws.


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