President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko calls all parliamentary forces to find understanding. He said that today during ceremony on presenting awards on occasion of 16-annivestary of Ukrainian referendum on declaration of Independence.

According to the President, today it is necessary to demonstrate respect to national target. Yushchenko noted that it is necessary to have “national target, dream, anchor to unite everybody despite language you speak, place you was born in, political force you support.”

“For me, the most problem of current parliament is antagonistic spirit which the winners introduce. Such situation negatively influences the society,” he said.

According to Yushchenko, “it is necessary to undertake many steps towards each other.” First of all the function of the parliament is to provide stability in the parliament as well as in the country. If the parliament becomes a source of worries, it will negatively influence all spheres of life, including business, social policy.

The parliamentarians must find understandings and consolidation in order each person in the country tio feel significant changes


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