People’s deputy from the BYuT Mykola Tomenko considers that democratic coalition will approve its functionality after the elections of the VRU chairman, new government and the budget for the next year. Tomenko stated on air of the “Ukrainian radio”.

According to Tomenko, “the democratic coalition of the BYuT and the OU-PSD will function only if the political forces, forming the coalition, make right conclusions from not a simple history of its formation.”

Speaking about the lessons of today’s coalition formation, Tomenko has noted the first threat for its effective existence is that the coalition is proclaimed two months after the election campaign competition.

The second threat consists in perception of the coalition of the democratic forces as the coalition under the President. That means that solution of all main questions should be approved by the President. Tomenko considers such approach as mistake, because the parliamentary coalition is a union of the political parties and factions, but not a coalition under any structure of power.

The third threat for the democratic coalition of 227 votes, according Tomenko, is the incident of blackmail of whole coalition by seven or three People’s deputies. “.. it can become a bad example for other People’s deputies who may use this practice during consideration of any questions,” Tomenko thinks.

He has noted that in order the election of the VRU chairman, new government and the budget for 2008 to be successful, it is necessary to do all necessary so that to escape the above-mentioned threats.


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