President Viktor Yushchenko met on Thursday with Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy, according to president's press office.

V. Yushchenko in the first place criticized the work three Kyiv state district administrations heads: Evhen Romanenko of Podol, Volodymyr Mazepa of Svyatoshynsky and Oleksandr Sotnykov of Dniprovsky districts. These officials according to President were not carrying out properly errands and decrees regarding implementation of proper means of access to State institutions and urban transport vehicles for the disabled. They also have been showing no support to creative unions and cultural organizations, as well as disregarding legislative norms on protection of cultural and historical sights.

President provided Kyiv Mayor with a number of directions on urgent issues. Among them were:

  • To take immediate steps towards resolving the situation around Olimpiysky National Sports Complex and “Troitsky” trade center building site near it.
  • To increase number of sports grounds in Kyiv regarding city’s needs and forthcoming “Euro 2012” Championship.
  • To carry all casinos and game machine rooms out of the city and build them in a range no nearer than 30 kilometers from the city limits.
  • To make efforts in an issue of Georgiy Gongadze monument put up.
  • To improve museums’ functioning and to resolve issues around Pyrohovo museum complex.
  • To return into State’s property the building on Instytutska street 3 and to establish there the Museum of fine arts of Ukraine.
  • To build a memorial dedicated to Holodomor 1932-1933 victims in Kyiv during year 2008.
  • To continue the work on circumferential road building around Kyiv.

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