Vyacheslav Kyrylenko made brave civil deed, choosing state interests instead of his personal aspirations. One of the OU-PSD leaders Yuriy Lutsenko stated in an interview with parliamentary journalists on Thursday, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

Lutsenko has expressed his regrets that Kyrylenko will not become the head of the parliament. At the same time, he has assured that if Arseniy Yatsenyuk is ready to hold the position of speaker and effectively realize his knowledge at this position, there will be no remarks from the side of any political group of the “People’s -Self-Defense” bloc.

“Every political force from our bloc doesn’t have negative attitude towards the candidacy of Yatsenyuk, unlike other names which were proposed. We have no claims to Mr. Yatsenyuk,” Lutsenko assured. He has noted that the People’s deputies just want to be sure whether Yatsenyuk understands all responsibility, which he bears as the head of the VRU. “If he is ready, then I think on Tuesday we will have new head of the VRU,” the parliamentarian noted.


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