Speaker of the new parliament may be Raisa Bohatyryova or Borys Kolesnykov from PR. The PR People’s deputy Mykhaylo Chechetov said that today in an interview with the ForUm.

“Viktor Yanukovych also can be a VRU speaker, but for today he is action PM,” he added.

According to Chechetov, in case “orange” coalition is not formed, Viktor Yanukovych will continue to head the government.

Speaking about possibility to form coalition between BYuT and OU-PSD on Thursday, Chechetov has said that it is a joke at which the country has been laughing for two years.

Chechetov considers that yesterday’s absence of quorum at the political council session of Our Ukraine proves that ”yesterday the last nail was hammered in to the cover of coffin of orange coalition”. According to Chechetov, there was not a quorum because OU members do not want to serve Tymoshenko and dance to her tune. Kyrylenko and Lutsenko are kept on a short leash by Tymoshenko and they want the whole faction together with the President to dance to Tymoshenko’s tune.


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