President Viktor Yushchenko being also Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Ukrainian armed forces took part in the Ministry of Defense Board meeting dedicated to ministry’s activity results in 2007, President's press office reports.  

At the beginning of the meeting President delivered a short speech. He emphasized that it is important to prepare a clear plan of Ukrainian army modernization in year 2008.

President Yushchenko criticized general condition of Ukrainian army’s military efficiency noting that number of incapable military units has risen in 2007 from 29 to 36. He also criticized material supply of the army.

In this regard President dwelled on Ministry of Defense funding issues. “We have to make all steps possible to ensure that 2007 budget debts of Ministry of Finance are paid off,” he said.

As for year 2008 President suggested optimization of Ukrainian army funding. To his mind many current funding points are irrational. Inter alia in Yushchenko’s opinion Ministry of Defense must be dismissed of some of its current inappropriate functions such as autonomous management of property selling. “We must provide the army with money instead of teaching it how to earn it. Or we create dangerous precedent,” President said.

Level of patriotic education within Ukrainian army is also of great concern to President. “Army has to be the forge of patriotism,” he said, urging to pay proper attention to the matter.


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