People’s deputy from the OU-PSD faction, deputy chairman of the Our Ukraine party Ihor Kril states that he will sign the coalition agreement only if the chairman of the OU-PSD Vyacheslav Kyrylenko refuses from the position of the VRU chairman.

“I support the democratic coalition in the format of the OU-PSD and the BYuT. But I’m anxious that the majority in the parliament is formed not on the democratic methods. Kyrylenko must speak openly about this,” Kril stated.

He has noted that the party leadership should listen to the opinion of the minority.

Kril has informed that one of his conditions will be the refusal of Kyrylenko from the post of the speaker. “The man, who can’t consolidate the People’s deputies of his faction, will not be able to consolidate the parliament. That’s why, to my mind, Kyrylenko must withdraw his candidacy to the post of the speaker,” Kril said.

He has also noted that the democratic coalition will be formed in the near future.


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