The investigation of accident in Zasyadko mine, happened on November 18 in Donetsk, considers five possible reasons of it. Olexander Medvedko the Prosecutor General said that yesterday at the press conference.

In particular, according to him, the first version is: explosion happened as a result of violation of technologies of coal extraction by officials; the second version is: breach or rules of using devices and equipments; the third version is: the explosion happened as a result of breach of safety regulations while extracting coal; the forth one is: breach of regulation of seismological and air-gas control by respective officials.

The fifth version is act of terror, but Medvedko does not incline to it.

According to Medvedko, impossibility to reach the place of the accident makes the investigation complicated. Medvedko opined that 11 miners who are still missing are not alive, as it is impossible to survive there.

Medvedko also did not agree with some assumptions that reason of the explosion was methane and malfunction of control equipment. He noted that at first it was necessary to make investigation, and then to make conclusions.

As a reminder, on November 18 at 3.11 a.m. gas explosion had happened at the coalmine named after A. Zasyadko in Donetsk region. The blast happened as a result of blast of aeromethane mixture in 14th conveyor drift while boring. Death toll is 100 miners.


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