Foreign Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk stresses on necessity to activate work of Central European initiative that is a link between the EU and other European countries. Yatsenyuk said that on Tuesday at the plenary session of the meeting of governments heads of countries of Central European initiative, taken place in Sophia city.

Yatsenyuk paid attention to necessity to realize infrastructure projects and extend possibilities and sources of investments within Central European initiative.

Yatsenyuk noted that Central European initiative must react to biggest world challenges and threats, in particular problems of global warming.

Yatsenyuk focused attention of session participants on necessity to define courses for further functioning of Central European initiative, taking into consideration that all its members have perspective to join the EU in the near future. That’s why it is necessary to concentrate on creation of common area for development of humanitarian, cultural, economic and political cooperation within this organization.

Within framework of the session, Arseny Yatsenyuk held meetings with representatives of Bulgaria, Czech republic and Hungary.


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