“Our Ukraine” leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko is going to report to Viktor Yushchenko about results of today’s session of political council of OU. He said that today closing the session of political council which has not mange to get quorum.

According to Kyrylenko, he will report to the President Viktor Yushchenko about the results of today’s discussions, including proposition to hold urgent congress of the party.

Kyrylenko informed that political council session was postponed from yesterday for today in order President could participate in it. Speaking about why it did not happened, Kyrylenko opined that the main reason was that even presence of the President at the session could not persuade People’s deputies, who had not signed coalition agreement, to sign it. That’s why the President refused to participate in the session, giving us possibility to solve this situation by ourselves.

Kyrylenko also does not exclude holding of urgent congress of the party, that can take place even tomorrow, to solve issue on People’s deputies who did not sign coalition agreement.


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