Member of the OU-PSD faction, deputy chairman of the “Our Ukraine” party, Ihor Kril states about his readiness to resign. Press service of the OU-PSD informs.

“I’m ready to abdicate deputy mandate. But I will do that if it is necessary for interests of the state but not to please some “political speakers”, who represent point of view neither members of the Our Ukraine council, nor the members of the OU -PSD faction”, Ihor Kril stated.

“Last spring I resigned. Viktor Topolov and I were the first from the faction who did that,” he reminded.

Commenting yesterday’s accusations of Roman Zvarych towards him, Kril said: “Concerning Zvarych personally, I would like to remind that he had to resign twice. And both times he did that violating the law (being the Minister of Justice). If he forgot about that I advice him to revise the web pages saying he had done that under pressure of possible judicial proceedings”.

“I understand Zvarych. He fulfills certain commands for he may get the post of the Justice Minister in the division of posts,” Ihor Kril stressed.


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