People’s deputy of Ukraine of the sixth convocation, member of the CPU, Olexander Golub considers that one shouldn’t speak about split or conspiracy in the OU-PSD. He told ForUm’s correspondent.

The People’s deputy has noted that absolutely different political forces have united in the OU-PSD bloc for the purpose to come to the VRU. According to him, interests of Yushchenko and Baloha do not always coincide with the interests and aims of the political parties of the bloc.

“Of course, not everybody considers Yushchenko as the leader of the political party, formed “for him”. Many People's deputies are not interested in unification of the party with strict ideological purposes,” the People’s deputy said.

The People’s deputy has emphasized that there are two ways for Yushchenko and Baloha: to abolish these parties and make them unpromising, or to review the structure of the party and try to choose the platform which will be convenient for everybody, but this is practically impossible.


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