As of Tuesday, November 27 the quantity of the People’s deputies who haven’t signed the obligation to enter the coalition, is the same. People’s deputy from the OU-PSD, Olexander Tretyakov informed.

In an interview with journalists in Kyiv before the sitting of the political council of the OU-PSD party Tretyakov noted that there are still seven persons who had not singed the agreement. “But I think that in two days there will be two, maximum three such People’s deputies,” he noted.

He has added that “the destiny of the country can’t depend on one offended person,” not specifying whom he means.

The agenda of the political council foresees four questions: coalition formation, formation of single party on the basis of the OU-PSD bloc, results of the early elections, and “other issues”.

As the reminder, the People’s deputies from OU-PSD faction who did not sign coalition agreement with BYuT are following: Stanislav Dovgy, Mykola Onishchuk, Yuriy Yekhanurov, Ivan Plyushch, Viktor Topolov, Ihor Kril, Vasyl Petyovka.

In his turn, deputy leader of the OU-PSD faction, Borys Tarasyuk considers that those who haven’t signed the coalition agreement must bear political responsibility.


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