Citizen of Horlovka Olexander Ovcharenko has made his predictions not for the first time. He predicted resignation of government of Yulia Tymoshenko, sale of “Kryvorizhstal”, re-election to the VRU and even wreck during landing of shuttle “Discovery” in the USA.

Ovcharenko is sure that accident in Zasyadko mine, happened on November 18 in Donetsk, is not the last tragedy this year.

He developed a theory, according to which different space energies influence our life and fortune. “We will not have even a tooth ache without influence of planets,” he said.

Explosion in Donetsk mine was also a consequence of influence of celestial bodies.

“I have so-called tables of ephemeris which have location of planet for 150 years: since 1900 to 2050. On their basis I make my predictions. Events do not always coincide with my dates, the average difference is one-two days. It is connected with intensity of energy between interacting planets. So, according to my tables, November 17 was very unfavorable day. The gas blast in Zasyadko mine happened on November 18. So the difference was not big,” he said.

According to astrologer, that day was characterized by “the Sun that had bad influence with the Pluto”, “ the Saturn that had bad influence with the Mars”, and other bad influences. By the way, the Pluto manages underground world and everything in this connections, it means the mines also. Destructive influence of celestial bodies continues.

“Next days that have threat are November 30 and December 17,” the astrologer warns. These days big accidents and many victims are possible.


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