The bloc of Lytvyn will come to the VRU session on November 29. As the press office of the Lytvyn’s bloc reports, representative of the bloc Mykola Syrota made such statement.

"The bloc of Lytvyn will go to the session hall on Thursday," he said. According to Syrota, the parliament didn’t appeal against the statement of Raisa Bohatyryova that the next session to be held on Thursday.

Syrota has doubts that Roman Zvarych, representative of the Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense bloc, will manage to hold the VRU sitting on November 27. "Well, he may come on Tuesday, but he will hardly manage to hold the session on his own, and it is quite understandable," he said.

As a reminder, one of the leaders of the Yulia Tymoshenko bloc Olexander Turchynov has stated that the next session of the VRU will take place on Tuesday, November 27. If the Party of Regions doesn’t come to the session, People’s deputy from the OU-PSD will head the session. And then Turchynov has added that the session postponing to Thursday is a provocation from the side of the PR.


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