People’s deputy from PR faction Taras Chornovil is not against of formation of “orange” coalition, but does not agree for parliament without coalition at all. He said that in an interview to radio “Era”.

“I am not against of “orange coalition”. In case they do not manage to form it, it is necessary to try to form wide coalition. Neither our, nor their electors will like it, but otherwise we will have only one alternative – to live for one year without any coalition,” he said.

According to Chornovil, OU-PSD must reach agreement between its members. If they do not, it will be better to stop attempts to form orange coalition. One should not retard time as it was in 2006.

At the same time, Chornovil denied all accusations of retardation of orange coalition formation by his political force. “At last there are no talks that PR wants to retard time in order to bribe democratic People’s deputies. If to look at those People’s deputies who did not sign coalition agreement with BYuT, it is clear that they are rich enough and it is impossible to bribe them. They are just afraid of Tymoshenko’s will to get power,” he said.

As a reminder, there are seven People’s deputies from OU-PSD faction who did not sign coalition agreement with BYuT: Stanislav Dovgy, Mykola Onishchuk, Yury Yekhanurov, Ivan Plyushch, Viktor Topolov, Ihor Kril, Vasyl Petyovka.


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