BYuT will not support any candidature for chairman of the VRU in case democratic coalition is not formed. Deputy leader of BYuT Mykola Tomenko said that yesterday in an interview to “5 channel”.

According to him, in case until Thursday BYuT and OU-PSD do not have necessary amount of signatures for coalition formation, then there will be situational election of leadership of the VRU. Different combinations are possible, but they are difficult to predict,” he said.

Tomenko is convinced that Party of Regions dreams about such scenario.

He noted that BYuT is afraid of parliament functioning under absence of coalition. “In case there are no 226 votes, the coalition will be not announced, and if someone submits candidature of Ivan Plyushch for position of VRU speaker, BYuT will not support him,” he emphasized.

At that Tomenko said that BYuT would not support any candidature from OU-PSD in case coalition is not formed, even if it is Vyacheslav Kyrylenko. New power must be formed systematically.


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