First vice Prime Minister, Minister of Finance of Ukraine, representative of the Party of Regions, Mykola Azarov claims that his political force is not going to blockade the sitting of the democratic coalition, but it is ready to initiate the VRU re-election in case the Verkhovna Rada works unconstructively.

“We respect the election results and hope that the parliament will start its work,” Azarov stated in an interview with journalists in Kyiv on Thursday.

Azarov has also noted that if the democratic coalition is formed, the Party of Regions is ready to work in the opposition and “first of all, consider the developed draft bills, which were not considered because the parliament didn’t work.” ”These draft bills aimed at holding structure reforms in the country,” he said.

Answering the journalists’ question whether the Party of Regions is ready to hold re-election, Azarov has stated: “We are ready for any political events. If the parliament works unconstructively and doesn’t fulfill its function, then I think, we will initiate the question on the early parliamentary election holding and the election of new political forces.”


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