Russian nature supervision estimated ecological toll, caused as a result of shipwrecks on November 11 in Kerch channel at 6.5 milliard roubles. The press service of Nature resources Ministry informs.

Deputy head of Russian nature supervision Oleg Mitvol considers that Ukraine will not demand compensation of damage from Russia “as the mechanism of penalty is not very clear.”

As a reminder, on November 11 the heavy storm became a reason for accident in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov: about twenty ships were shipwrecked. As a result of catastrophe, about 2 thousand tons of black oil leaked in to the sea and about 7 thousand of sulphur are underwater in sank ship.

Ukrainian and Russian brought before court cases on pollution of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov by oil and sulphur as a result of ship wrecks in storm.

Ukrainian ecologists warn that consequences of oil damage in Kerch channel will last for several years under the most optimistic scenario.

Spots of black oil, leaked as a result of shipwrecks, have already killed thousands of birds, including those form Red book and caused horrible damage to maritime flora and fauna.


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