People’s deputy from “Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense” bloc Yuriy Yekhanurov does not exclude that the process of coalition formation will be retarded. He said that today, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“I do not see rapid steps on this way, taking into consideration so-called competition while appointing posts of the working group on preparation for the VRU session" he said.

Yekhanurov does not exclude attempts of destructive methods while formation of parliamentary coalition. “I am not a pessimist but well aware. I think that there is a long and serious work ahead. The main issue is that Ukrainians do not listen to each other,” he added.

According to Yekhanurov, he is interested in content of coalition agreement of democratic forces. “I forwarded 9 questions and awaiting for answers. I am not interested in people who strive to hold positions. I am interested in the coalition program," he added.

According to Yekhanurov, on the first day of the VRU session – November 23 – people’s deputies will not manage to adopt any draft bills.


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