First vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov stands for the more accurate work coordination of the law enforcement bodies and the judicial system in a struggle against the smuggling. He stated on Monday at the interdepartmental meeting dedicated to the smugglings struggle.

According to Azarov, the accurate work coordination of the law enforcement bodies, as well as the judicial system, must be implemented “in order to do more” for a struggle against the smuggling.

Answering the criticism of President Yushchenko concerning the work of State customs service, Azarov said: “On the one hand, we were ashamed to listen to the criticism. On the other hand, I tell practically the same at every sitting. And it is not right to tell that nothing is done in the struggle against smuggling.”

At the same time, Azarov has agreed that the work in this direction “could be better, and we hope it will be better.”

Azarov has added that the row of measure is being held, including the service reorganization in order to get rid of the corrupted persons at the Sate custom service.


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