On November 18 at 3.11 a.m. gas explosion had happened at the coalmine named after Zasyadko in Donetsk region. According to preliminary data, the blast happened as a result of blast of aeromethane mixture in 14th conveyor drift while boring. Great fire complicated works of rescuers.

The government allocated UAH 7.5 million to liquidate the fire. According to the vice PM Andry Klyuev, 57 brigades of mine rescuers were working at the place of the accident.

According to data of November 18, 33 miners were killed, the fortune of 77 miners was unknown, 26 miners were hospitalized.

The expert commission is formed to examine the place of gas blast and to make conclusion on the reason of explosion.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, acting Interior Minister Mykhaylo Korniyenko and Health Minister Yury Haydayev left for Donetsk region.


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