Ex President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma considers that chairman of the VRU must be a representative of “Our Ukraine”. He said today in an interview.

“I considers that VRU chairman must be from ”Our Ukraine”, Kuchma said.

According to him, usually those people become VRU chairmen who have extensive experience and respect of not only one political force but of the whole country. There are many such people in the new parliament, including “Our Ukraine”,” Kuchma said. At the same time, Kuchma did not call any name.

According to Kuchma, Volodymyr Lytvyn, the former VRU chairman is not likely to be a VRU chairman again.

He noted that he would not like to advice anything to President Viktor Yushchenko and political forces. He said that west and east of Ukraine have not reached understanding for the recent time. Kuchma added that main respoisibility is on the President. “I wish the President to make reasonable decision,” he added.


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