It’s quite possible that the orange coalition will be formed formally. One of the leaders of the Communist party Petro Tsybenko estimates. At the same time he claims that the collation of 228 People’s deputies will be unable to work.

As the press service of the Communist party reports, Tsybenko has noted that even the document which is passed in advance could not be voted because some People’s deputies will not be present at the session hall. “The previous coalition counted 240-245 persons, but even then some votings were held very hard,” the communist said.

According to him, 228 People’s deputies can’t form the coalition. “And the oranges can’t understand this today or they just don’t want to understand this,” he has emphasized.

He forecasts that they will vote several times, and then they will become assure that it is impossible to work in such conditions and then the real negotiations concerning the coalition extension will start.


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