On November 22 there will be 3d anniversary of “Orange” revolution in Ukraine. In 2005 Viktor Yushchenko called this day – Day of freedom and signed a decree on its annual celebration. However, this day did not become an official holiday in Ukraine as it was not adopted in the parliament.

“Our Ukraine” and two public organizations “People’s gate” and “Reformation” applied to Kyiv city administration with request to hold celebrations on occasion of “Orange” revolution anniversary in the center on Kyiv on this day.

"Our Ukraine” intends to hold a meeting, church service, concert and other arrangements. According to application of political forces and public organizations, about 70 thousand of supporters of “Orange” revolution will participate in these actions.

Political scientist Vadym Karasev said that there would be no great celebrations. The President will not come to Maydan. It should be taken into consideration that for half of the country it is not a holiday.

BYuT also is not going to join the celebration yet. “We will not hold meetings. Yulia Tymoshenko also will not come to Maydan. We have lots to do on coalition formation and formation of Cabinet,” BYuT member Anatoly Seminoha said.


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