Foreign Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk considers that foreign policy of the Russian Federation in relation to Ukraine will not change after Russian elections.

“Foreign policy of the Russian Federation is a copy of its domestic policy. It is possible to predict that it will not change in near ten years,” he said in an interview to Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Yatsenyuk stands for transparency of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine, pricing and transit tariffs. According to him, Ukraine both in short-term and medium-term perspective will remain its role of transit of Russian gas to Europe, first of all because gas consumption will be increased in Europe.

Yatsenyuk noted that Ukraine understands necessity of serious and long-term work for realization of Euro integration aims. “Ukraine’s integration to the EU is not a question of today of tomorrow, it demands tens of years. We do not demand that we cant get and that the EU cant give us. We are pragmatic people,” he said.

Yatsenyuk is convinced that sooner or later Ukraine will sell its agricultural production and electricity to Europe. “Europe suffers from deficit of food products, and Ukraine has great agricultural potential,” he said.


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