People’s deputies of the European parliament consider Ukraine a key partner and calls to support its European choice. This was the main topic during the discussion of the report of Zbignev Zalesski (group of the people’s parties, Poland) at the session of the European parliament in Strasburg on November 14.

“Ukraine has become a promising partner for the EU. I am convinced in strengthening of democratic institutions in this country,” Laima Andrikienė stated (group of the people’s parties, Lithuania).

“Ukraine must take a priority place in the policy of the EU. It is an ideal bridge between the EU, Russia, and the Central Asia due to the outlet to the Black Sea,” Boguslav Sonik added (group of the people’s parties, Poland).

At the same time the People’s deputies note that Ukraine is in complicated situation when one of its neighbors is the European Union, and another – Russia.

“The EU must help Ukraine to return to the Europe, and not to Russia,” Bella Glattfeld (group of the people’s parties, Hungary).

“We must do all necessary to help Ukraine politically and diplomatically on her way to the WTO,” Boguslav Rogalsky stated (group of the right parties, Poland).

The People’s deputies have also noted that in spite of significant progress in democracy and economic reforms development, Ukraine must do a lot.


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