On November 15 Ukraine and Russia will discuss prices for Russian gas supplied to Ukraine for 2008 and next years. The official representative of “Gasprom” Jsc. Sergey Kupriyanov informed.

“For the present moment there are no definite agreements concerning gas prices,” he said.

On October 28 President Viktor Yushchenko informed that he considered the most appropriate gas price of USD 150-160 for thousand cubic meters. As to gas price in amount of USD 190-200, announced in political circles, Yushchenko noted that such price was groundless… taking into consideration tendencies on energy markets.

During negotiations with Russian side on November 6 Fuel and Energy Minister of Ukraine Yury Boyko confirmed that gas price corridor is discussed within limits of USD 150-160 for thousand cubic meters.

Deputy head of “Gasprom” Alexander Medvedev informed that gas price for 2008 for Ukraine can comprise USD 160 in case sides sign agreement on gradual transformation to European prices by 2011. According to him, European price for gas may reach USD 300 in 2008.

From 2006 “Gasprom” set gas price for Ukraine in amount of USD 230 for thousand cubic meters. Due to RosUkrEnergo that mixes Russian gas with Central Asian gas, the gas price comprised USD 95.

Since January 2007 gas price for Ukraine comprises USD 130.


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