Russia hopes to liquidate oil product pollution of the Black Sea which occurred as a result of shipwrecks. Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Zubkov stated on Tuesday during the working meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

Zubkov has emphasized that it is necessary to apply efforts in order to prevent the oil product spot approach to the territory of Russia and Ukraine.

He has thanked Ukrainian side for Russian sailors saving.

As earlier reported, on November 11 unfavorable weather conditions raged in Crimea: strong wind and rain, sea storm force 6-7. 11 shipwrecks happened in Crimea, including shipwreck of tanker “Volganeft-123”. There is a crack in the hull. Shipwreck of this tanker may cause ecological catastrophe – the most terrible catastrophe for the whole history of Ukraine – about 2 thosand tons of oil are spilled.


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