Position of “Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense” bloc is very clear and transparent. One of the leaders of the bloc Vyacheslav Kyrylenko said that today in an interview, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“We do not insist only on our candidatures, we are ready for compromises. That’s why we submitted four candidatures for position of the head of working group on preparation for the VRU session: Roman Zvarych but he was not supported by our opponents; representative of Lytvyn bloc Ihor Sharov but he refused himself; Roman Zvarych and Adam Martynyuk as co-chairmen; and the last candidature is a representative of PR,” he said.

The fact that PR and Lytvyn bloc refuse from our compromises shows that they want to retard VRU session. We call them to stop doing it,” Kyrylenko said.

According to him, newly elected People’s deputies are ready to start work in the parliament. “OU-PSD” bloc is ready to participate in the first VRU session on November 20. At the same time we are ready to consider some other compromise dates, but unfortunately PR, CPU and Lytvyn bloc do not propose any date for the VRU session,” he added.


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