The sitting of the working group on preparation for the first session of the parliament of the sixth convocation is rescheduled for Wednesday. Representative of the BYuT Olexander Turchynov states, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

Turchynov says that the opponents of the democratic forces again procrastinate the begging of the parliament’s work.

According to BYuT representative, the working group has suspended its work because it couldn’t decide on the group chairman.

He has informs that the Party of Regions, the Communist party and the bloc of Lytvyn proposes only candidacy of communist Adam Martynyuk.

Turchynov notes that Sharov rejected from this position and voted together with the PR and the CPU.

Besides Turchynov says that it was proposed to elect two co-chairpersons of the working group: representative form the PR or the communists and representative from the democratic coalition. But this proposition was not supported neither by the bloc of Lytvyn, nor by the Party of Regions and the communists.


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