One of the leaders of the Party of Regions, Raisa Bohatyryova, has stated in an interview with journalists that by the beginning of the next sitting of working group on preparation for the first session of the parliament of the sixth convocation the compromise variants can be found concerning the chairman of the group as well as other questions of the agenda. ForUm’s correspondent reports.

Bohatyryova is sure that the political forces will hold consultations among each other. “We will hold consultations with the OU-PSD, the bloc of Lytvyn, and with the communists,” Bohatyryova noted.

"We are sure there will be compromise solutions and chairman of the preparation group of the People’s deputies will be elected and all the questions will be considered which are necessary to be proposed to the People’s deputies at the first meeting. I think there would be no crisis scenario," she noted.

At the same time Bohatyryova has stated that the PR doesn’t exclude this scenario in case the oranges do not make some concessions.


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