The Prosecutor General’s Office refused to institute legal proceedings on application form Minister of the Interior Vasyl Tsushko concerning his poisoning.

As the press service of the Prosecutor General’s office reports, Tsushko was refused in instituting legal proceedings because of absence of crime event.

As a reminder, according to Tsushko, after events on May 27 when he provided order in building of PGO after its seizure by civil persons and when he stopped by his decree a movement of interior troops who were directing at Kyiv, he suffered from heart attack.

After treatment in Germany, he found out that coronary vessels were in order. Tsushko demonstrated copies of analyses. According to them, teofilin and digoxin were detected in Tsushko blood which contributed to heart attack.

On September 27 Prosecutor General Medvedko received the application from Tsushko concerning an attempt on him as the statesman. Tsushko asked the Prosecutor General’s office to hold an inspection concerning this information.


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