National Bank of Ukraine plans to implement gradual policy of inflation targeting. The head of NBU council Petro Poroshenko said that yesterday during telephone conference, arranged by Concorde Capital.

“We plan that NBU, within framework of principles of monetary and credit policy that were approved in September 2007, is going to gradual policy of inflation targeting,” he said.

“We do not speak about either devaluation, or revaluation of national currency,” Poroshenko added.

According to forecast of NBU, hryvnya rate to dollar will fluctuate from 4.95-5.25 in 2007-2008.

Poroshenko also noted that after approvement of next principles of monetary and credit policy the NBU plans to cancel publicizing of forecast of currency rate fluctuations. “Because they look like currency corridor that actually does not exist. It is only forecast of the NBU,” he said.


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