President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko stated that he was a supporter of implementation of imperative mandate for People’s deputies. He told journalists in Poltava on Thursday.

“It is not honest for those knowing the situation in Ukraine and knowing how deep corruption and organized crime have penetrated Ukraine's parliament to say democratic phrases and do nothing to defend democracy,” he said. According to Yushchenko, imperative mandate is one of the means to stimulate the formation of a more or less consolidated position in parliament., the president's press office reported.

The President noted that he was going to find out readiness of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to examine the constitutionality of this provision.

Yushchenko said the imperative mandate issue was as important as election reform. He also insisted on election rules must be changed, especially at Ukraine’s local level, to make People’s deputies more responsible and accountable to their communities.

The President considers that 2008 should become a year of constitutional changes.” We must devote 2008 to changes of Constitutional character,” Yushchenko said.


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