35% of Ukrainians want to see Yulia Tymoshenko a Prime Minister of Ukraine. The survey held by “Fund of public opinion - Ukraine” during 18-28 October showed such result. The general director of “FPO-Ukraine” Olexander Bukhalov said that today in Kyiv at a press conference.

According to him, acting PM Viktor Yanukovych is on the second place after Yulia Tymoshenko  . 33.5% of Ukrainians want to see him a PM.

3.1% of surveyed people would like Volodymyr Lytvyn to be a Prime Minister. Petro Symonenko got 2.3% of support, Yury Lutsenko - 2%. 9.4% of surveyed people could not give answer.

According to survey, 44.8% of people would appreciate coalition between BYuT and OU-PSD. Coalition between BYuT, OU-PSD and Lytvyn bloc would be supported by 40.7%.

25% of people would appreciate coalition between PR and OU-PSD. Coalition with participation of PR, OU-PSD and CPU would be supported by 28.3% of surveyed people.

Only 13.7 of people would support coalition between PR and BYuT.

Survey was carried out in 160 population centers of Ukraine. Two thousand of people participated in the survey.


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