Coalition between BYuT and “OU-PSD” bloc will consist of 228 people’s deputies. In case of absence of three people’s deputies in the parliament, the work of the parliamentary majority will be paralyzed.

Today three members from Our Ukraine who did not signed coalition agreement will put their signatures. However, newly coalition will not have fewer problems. To adopt decisions, BYuT and "OU-PSD” must provide 100% presence of their people’s deputies. I case of absence of even three people’s deputies, coalition will be incompetent. Traditionally absentees are people’s deputies-businessmen.

BYuT member Oleh Lyashko is sure that in the new parliament practice of “absentees” will not be used. He considers that coalition members are responsible people who will not put common aims under threat.

In the VRU of former convocations the problem of absentees was solved very simple. Other people’s deputies voted in stead of absent parliamentarians.


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