President Yushchenko’s advisor Stepan Havrysh predicts system crisis in case of the BYuT’s leader appointment to the position of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. He noted that the question on Tymoshenko’s premiership is very difficult and resonant. Stepan Havrysh said on the “channel 5” on November 2.

“Still there is no answer whether there are enough allies in order to satisfy the coalition of 228 votes. Even this quantity of the coalition is not enough for forecasting the stability of government-coalition position of Tymoshenko in the future,” the President’s advisor noted.

According to him, Tymoshenko has reached the highest peak of her political career.

“Taking into account that Tymoshenko is at the peak of her political career, we can expect sufficiently deep and system crisis,” Havrysh emphasized.

The President’s advisor has noted that the President will do all possible to prevent the crisis.

He has also said that Yushchenko can’t ignore expectations in the society to see Tymoshenko as the Prime Minister, and at the same time he understands that narrow coalition just of democratic orange forces is not enough for the long-term stability, and the President tries to find the variant of wide cooperation with other political forces.


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